• We’re Men and Women… who care for men & boys.

    • At the Australian Men’s Rights Association (AMRA) we aim to offer positive support to men and boys in the world today.

      As an alternative to the parade of negative judgements about deadbeats, ‘launch failures’ and even toxic males,  AMRA encourages men to develop shame-free motivations for conducting relationships and building healthier, happier lives.

      Our association is focused on raising awareness about key issues that affect men and boys, and to provide help, advice and guidance to navigate the world.

    • This is a website for everyone who wants to help men in need.

      We’ll be adding more to the website over the coming weeks and months

      • Articles about issues men and boys face, from male suicide to family law.
      • Advice and guidance about questions to ask your local politicians about the issues men face.
      • Membership, coming soon.

      Why you should become a member