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    • Reasons To Become A Member

      Many men are not happy. Some know why, some don’t, yet.

      Picture one man.

      He has or is about to spend his life being a commodity in a society that has no use for him other than to make a profit.

      His foreskin was trimmed as an infant for no good reason but a doctor’s obscene income. This has been rationalised with lies about health, female preference, tradition, religious freedoms and even his parent’s choice despite it being his body, and not theirs.

      Throughout life he struggles to prove himself worthy as a human doing but is never allowed to qualify. Told he is never good enough for a myriad of reasons.

      As a child, he learns nursery rhymes of sugar and spice and all things nice, while he gets the tail end of a dog in a kindergarten sing-a-long.

      As a teen, he learns all things bad are called the patriarchy and all victims are not his gender.

      No wonder a dog is his best friend. It is certainly not the woman of his dreams. She can become a nightmare.

      Men are to blame

      And he is always to blame. Morally, ethically, anecdotally and legally.

      He will be punished at relationship break down for no other reason than he has a penis.

      Mostly, he will lose.

      His marriage, house, money, children, identity. Even his will to live. He will dominate in all the wrong areas. Particularly suicide.

      He has no voice because men and especially women in power seem to have little interest in equality.

      He has no say.

      He has no right to anything but servitude.

      His voice is ignored in preference to the endless howling of female victimhood, something else to take responsibility for because of course he and his brothers are to blame.

      In education, he is the undesirable one. A potential rapist and beater of women.

      In the arts, he is portrayed as the incompetent buffoon. The villain, the idiot.

      Any traditional role of theatrical hero must be replaced with a female version. From GI Jane to Dr Who. There is a new player who can always magically do anything a man can, better, backwards and “in heels”.

      Male artists are forced to obey the feminist narrative or the whispering knives will sabotage their career.

      At work, those who control his employment in Human Relations are overwhelmingly women.

      The narrative who must be obeyed.

      He must bow before the feminist view of the world or HR will see that his career does not progress and if he dare speak out it will end faster than you can say gulag.

      What’s this? Not true screech the feminists. Men have all the power they say, look at the government benches, look at the boardrooms they screech.

      He is told he has all the power and he is privileged.

      Actions speak louder than words

      Actions speak louder than words. Looking at what actions these governments and companies take is far more telling.

      This gender profiling is used as a Stop and Search policy. Every time he is told to check his privilege. At the door. In this form of bigotry, as a male, he is his own Yellow Star. No need to sew one on. The gender segregation is overt and total.

      It is written into the agreement of DV shelters that they may not use the funds provided to aid men and boys over a given age. As if it is a physical impossibility for a man to suffer domestic violence.
      The only course of action blithely offered to male victims is an anger management course.
      Animal Farm absurdity repeated across the world for decades now.
      Humiliation coupled with active dis-helpfulness.

      And the worst part?

      No-one gives a damn.

      We’re here to change that, and you can join us using the form above