Diversity Policy

    • We are pleased to introduce the diversity policy below which talks to the now traditional rights of diversity at the governmental and societal level while giving that mandate a firm twist in that we include the needs, aspirations and human rights of men – a topic rarely touched in the race to cater to non-males.

  • AMRA Diversity Policy

    • Our organisation respects all forms of diversity, background, life experience, sexuality, religion, gender, disability, education, ideas, or culture that may be found throughout the organisation.
      AMRA is a meritocracy. Merit is the key to individual recognition, not an arbitrary group identity.

    •  Our guiding principles with respect to diversity are:
      • Men means ALL Men and Boys regardless of their diverse backgrounds and experiences. The basic Human Rights of one man are the same for all men. If a right only addresses one group of men, it is not a universal right of men. No men will be singled out from the concept of “universal rights for men”.
        A Human Right is similarly a right for all humans. Legal Rights while not necessarily Human Rights will also always be treated as a universal with equal Human and Legal Rights being an AMRA core value.
      • To treat all employees, prospective employees, contractors, consultants, members, and suppliers, fairly and equally regardless of their gender, age, sexuality, culture/ethnicity, language, and religious beliefs, and regardless of any disability or flexible workplace practices (1)(4).
      • To maintain a meritocracy (6) in a safe diverse work environment and taking action against illegal (1)(4) workplace behaviour including discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation. Language which is not illegal but may be considered subjectively to be  “inappropriate”, and as it affects the workplace, may attract in house negotiations to establish better communications between individuals (2)(3).
      • To promote an organisational culture that values meritocracy (6) as a primary factor of a diverse and inclusive environment which will develop work arrangements that help to meet the needs of people regardless of their diverse nature.
      • To promote the recruitment of volunteers, employees and directors impartially based on their merit and from an open, diverse field of suitably qualified candidates (5)(6).
      • No funding opportunity (5) will be cause to employ a better qualified or experienced candidate but may be sought to offset employment costs if the person qualifies for assistance.
      • To provide learning and development strategies and opportunities to develop healthy working relationships between our diverse range of volunteers and employees.
      • To respect and promote a diversity of ideas with respect for the concepts of Free Speech (3) and Logical Problem Solving (7) even when ideas unreservedly clash with our core principles.
  • Diversity of Sexuality and Gender

    • AMRA welcomes men and women of all ages to participate in achieving the purpose of the Incorporation.

    • AMRA welcomes diversity of gender expression in transsexuals, both male to female and female to male.

    • AMRA welcomes diversity of sexual expression whether straight, same-sex attracted or bisexual

  • Diversity of ideas

    • AMRA welcomes the valuation of new ideas on their merit.

    • AMRA supports free speech, even when AMRA unreservedly disagrees with it.

    • AMRA welcomes an open competition of ideas.

    • “Thinking, real thinking, is collaborative. It doesn’t just tolerate different perspectives, it absolutely requires them. We humans are only really thinking when we are doing so in community. Our individual lives and experiences are just too narrow and limited to really provide the context and capacity necessary for making sense of the unknown, for wandering through the desert, for a journey through chaos.” Jordan Greenhall

  • Diversity of ethnicity

    • AMRA welcomes a meritocracy
      AMRA believes ethnicity to be no barrier and will neither endorse nor dis-endorse anyone from participation based on ethnicity.
      AMRA understands to do so is racist and illegal according to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

  • Diversity of employment

    • AMRA believes in equality of employment opportunity for all, based on merit.
      AMRA does not endorse forced equality of outcome via mandated quotas or gendered financial enticements.
      AMRA believes that forced equality impinges on individual freedoms
      AMRA believes that if government and NGOs force the mandating of equal numbers of women in male-dominated occupations, they must also include equal numbers of women as sewage workers, garbage collectors, window cleaners, pesticide sprayers and the like, which are equally male-dominated as CEO, executive and political status positions. Conversely, female-dominated occupations must be subject to a mandate of equal numbers of men, for example in teaching positions, childcare, nursing, hospitality and tourism.

  • Diversity of men and masculinity

    • AMRA welcomes men of all abilities, shapes, sizes and stature. AMRA is unequivocal that all men are ‘real men.’
      Men of any colour are men. Black, white, sunburned, pink, yellow, ashen gray, or anything else on the palette.
      Gay men are men.
      Fat, short, tall and skinny or muscular men are men.
      Men of any ability or disability are men.

      AMRA is unequivocal in stating that a man’s “Man Card,” cannot be revoked by arbitrary prejudice, such as size, strength or service to women.
      AMRA is unequivocal that the only requirement to be considered a man is a ‘y’ chromosome.
      And even then, as AMRA is an inclusive association, F→M transgender who wish to identify as men but have no Y chromosome will be accepted as men.

  • Diversity of entitlement and responsibility

    • Disingenuous portrayals of perpetrators and victims (called ‘threat narratives‘) are used to intentionally cause harm to other people. Threat narratives are too often employed to cause damage to men, when the reality is both sexes are responsible for all levels of threat both to person and property, up to and including mass child murder.

      Threat narratives result in men being held to higher standards of accountability, duty and punishments for errors in behaviour.

      AMRA believes men must be entitled to the same degree of compassion and defensive reasoning for their behaviour as are women, and women must be held to the same high standards of responsibility as men.