About Us

    • Purpose

      Engaging a nation to show compassion, justice and equality, for men and boys, women and girls.


      • A nation of laws, compassionately, justly and equally applied to all.
      • That gynocentric prejudice and bigotry anyone, based arbitrarily on their gender, is relegated to the middens of history.
      • That equality should mean what it says.
      • In the best interests of the child should mean exactly that and not in the best interests of one of the parents.
      • A national narrative, within the public square, that includes all of it’s citizens.
      • The radical notion that not only are Men’s Rights, Human Rights, but that men and boys and valued and treated as human and not just for their commodity value.
    • Our Mission

      The mission of AMRA is to pick up where society is failing men.

      The mission of AMRA is compassion for men, boys and those who love them.

      To care about these undesirables of modern society.

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    • Equality

      To end the discrimination against and unequal treatment of men, from the genital mutilation of baby boys, to the underwhelming prevention of male suicide.

      Provide an opportunity for staff and volunteers to perform highly rewarding, emotionally rich and meaningful work, in a rational and sane environment.

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    • Getting Organised Together

      Leadership / Relationships / Peak Body

      To provide a means for those of us who do care to come together as a single unified voice and force the issue with the powers that don’t care.

      To realistically impact the one thing they do care about.

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